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Striving for sporting equality.

Striving for sporting equality.The time is now.

Women's sport is at a tipping point.

To reach its potential, perceptions need to be flipped. 

Our vision is to empower female athletes to embrace their strength, mindset and individualism. We want to inspire future generations and show that the impossible is possible.

Our mission is to champion the values and mindsets of athletes, to positively change the perception of women's sport.

We have the ability to inspire the future generation.

It’s not about women's sport being better. It's about moving beyond lazy comparisons.

It’s not about financial reward. It’s about being fair with investment & opportunities.

There is beauty in both the women's and the men's game.

To grow the game, it requires champions. 

Both female & male champions.

On International Women's day over 86,000 attended the MCG to watch the T20 Women's Cricket World Cup Final.


In the US, the Chiney sisters (WBNA) secured ground-establishing agreements to improve basic employee rights - female athletes now get full maternity pay.


In January 2020, Honolulu's (Miami) council voted that females were able to compete in their surfing event. 

The growth of women's sport globally is unprecedented. For many sports, we are at the tipping point of something special. 


We are starting to see value returns from opportunities given to female athletes a number of years ago. Despite this; there is a constant battle for limited resources with minimal investment. 

With uncertain times ahead, we need to support our athletes to continue the positive trajectory of women's sport.

Now, more than ever. Be the champion that women's sport needs. 

Talk about it, showcase it, protect it.