The Gender Equality Agency

Women’s sport is at a tipping point. We flip the narrative so young girls confidently follow their sporting dreams, without compromise.


What we do

We believe everyone has a responsibility to tip n flip perceptions in Women’s Sport to create gender parity. 

Leaders have a responsibility to empower females within the industry to showcase their knowledge, skills and expertise. Fans have a responsibility to respect the game. Athletes have a responsibility to understand their value and impact both on and off the pitch.

We believe by inspiring and educating athletes and leaders on their responsibility we will create confident champions on and off the pitch. 

If women’s sport reaches it potential, we will see more purposeful communities creating a balanced society.


We want you to play your role, so that young girls confidently follow their sporting dreams, without compromise. 

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What we offer:

At TipnFlip professional cricketer Phoebe Graham shares her experiences to facilitate conversations about the importance of gender parity on and off the pitch.  

We want businesses to actively support gender parity so that your colleagues confidently achieve their goals on and off the pitch. 


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'At 29, I never thought cricket would give me the opportunity to play professionally. Opportunities for female athletes have been few and far between. Systematic change enabled me to turn my passion into my career. I’m living a reality I never thought would be possible. We're a long way from gender parity but I hope my experience within business and sport will positively help shape the industry. I want young girls to confidently follow their sporting dreams.’

Message from the founder - Phoebe Graham

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We want young girls and boys to confidently follow their sporting dreams, without compromise. 


Phoebe Graham will lead the coaching session and share her career highs and lows in and out of the sporting and world.

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