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Our Story

Is simple. We believe sport has the power to positively change society.


Tip n Flip was born in 2019, when Phoebe was marketing for Sky Sports leading Man United TV and Liverpool TV. She was constantly talking sport and yet women's sport never entered the conversation. 

At 29, she had the opportunity to become a full-time paid professional athlete and leave the corporate world behind. Her male counterparts had been professional for years; but 2020 was the first time she could confidently pursue her dreams with

 40 other domestic female cricketers. 

Her business engages with leaders and employees that are wanting to champion gender parity. 

Now is the time to 'TipnFlip' your mindset, see what's possible and create confident champions within Women’s Sport.

At the time, Women’s Sport felt at the tipping point of something special. In reality priorities needed to be flipped so that it could reach its potential.

Sky Sports Hundred
Phoebe playing for Northern Diamonds.jpg
Phoebe Graham Northern Diamonds

Message from our founder - Phoebe Graham

'At 29, I never thought cricket would give me the opportunity to play professionally. Opportunities for female athletes have been few and far between. Systematic change enabled me to turn my passion into my career. I’m living a reality I never thought would be possible. We're a long way from gender parity but I hope my experience within business and sport will positively help shape the industry. I want young girls to confidently follow their sporting dreams.’

Phoebe Graham Thunder Cricket
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