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Is purpose led, with the belief that sport has the power to positively change society.

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Featured Article

At 29, Phoebe quit her marketing job to pursue her dreams to become a professional cricketer. This article talks about how she hopes this career choice will more accessible for young female athletes in the future.

BBC Sport Phoebe Graham

BBC Sounds

"We're fed up of people being shocked that we can throw a ball!"  Phoebe discusses the push for parity in Women's Sport on the BBC Sport Desk with BBC Sounds.

Sky Sports Blog

Phoebe blogs about the transformation of women's and girls cricket. Discussing the highs and lows of being an athlete and who to watch out for in the women's game. 

Sky Sports Blog.jpg

Phoebe discusses the research from Women Sport Trust, showing that 2021 was a record breaking year for viewers in women's domestic game. 

Sky Sports Interview

PCA Pannel

Phoebe spoke alongside Miles Hammond and Abidine Sakande about the importance of inclusive environments. Respect, support and empowering individuals to use their voice is integral to growing total cricket.

Speaking about gender equality was important to help new male and female cricketers recognise their impact as role models on and off the pitch. Everyone has a part to play to maximise the potential of women's sport, so that young girls and boys can follow their dreams, without compromise. 

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Business Talks

Kings Langley

Phoebe worked with Kings Langley to discuss equality in the sports industry.  Her talk gives an insight into the sports culture, her challenges and how they have shaped her as an individual. 

Women Sport Trust

Phoebe has collaborated with the Women' Sport trust programme UNLOCKED, she is one of 35 elite athletes in this space. She wants to understand how her voice can make a difference in the industry.

WST Unlocked GroupShot

Sky Sports

Phoebe worked with Women @ Sky network to discuss her journey into the professionalism of her sport. She talks about self worth, her reinvention of success and how different the cultures are within sport and business.

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Coaching and Talks

Harrogate Cricket Club Head of Women's section

Phoebe is working with Harrogate Cricket Club to grow their girls section. This included coaching, organising tournaments and future proofing the women's and girls section.

Phoebe Graham

Becoming a professional cricketer

Phoebe speaks with Neel Khagram on her journey into becoming a professional cricketer. 

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